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Our enterprise includes three companies in the area of transportation, each one having a distinct vocation.
> Procam International, transport intermediary
> Transport Procal, ground and rail transport
> Proair International, air freight

History of the enterprise:
Going from 150 to 20,000 square feet in 20 years

In 1988, Marcel Deschamps, bored with the suit and tie that he had to put on every morning to fulfill his job as representative in another company, created Procam International, a transport intermediary. Without any knowledge or past experience in transport, his cat helped him find his first customer. A manufacturer of kitty litter, Golden Cat, was very interested in the competitive prices Marcel offered to them and so began the story. Marcel worked alone for 2 years in his bedroom. He hired his first employee in 1990 and they worked between his chest of drawers and night table. This 150 square feet soon became too tight. Shortly thereafter, the business moved to a new office and continued to successively move to bigger and better premises according to the needs of the company to finally end up, in 2003, in an office/warehouse of more than 20,000 square feet where its 27 employees are now working.

In 1998, opportunity knocked: a high demand for refrigerated trucks to service California. The market’s supply of trucks was so insufficient that Marcel dug deep into this niche and created Transport Procal. Procal offers ground and rail transportation.

In 2003, Marcel received new requests from his customers who were not satisfied with the services they were receiving from the big mammoth international courier and so ProAir International was created. ProAir takes care of air freight and small package shipping.

Company Philosophy: People first

Even though our companies have never skimped on technology, always availing ourselves of the best the market has to offer, we have made it a priority to hire the most qualified people and to keep them happy. In an effort to keep our customers happy, and as a mark of respect and consideration, we always have a live person answering the phone who can offer a representative to handle their situation on the spot – never a recorded message. And for more of that personal touch, our employees always work in teams. If an employee is not available, his or her partner will be able to help the customer with the same thoroughness and efficiency.

As we respect our customers, so we respect our employees. There are opportunities for improvement and advancement through continuing education and other avenues as they present themselves. Each employee must feel comfortable and respected in his or her work, whatever their position. We value the importance of team spirit and try to keep a professional yet jovial atmosphere.

Each time Marcel hires a new employee, he looks first at the enthusiasm of the person, that person’s love of life, his or her fit within the company, and appetite to learn the job. Experience in transportation is not the first criteria Marcel requires because he feels that the details of the job can be learned, but a taste for a job well-done and intelligence are harder to teach. Marcel Deschamps is surrounded by people of strong character who contribute to give a unique personality to the company. Each employee takes continuing education courses in the field of transport as they please to keep themselves informed of the latest innovations in the industry. Examples of course subjects taken are customs, personnel management, and new laws in the fast changing world of transportation. The company also participates in the well-being of its’ community, taking all the profits generated by the small candy and refreshment machines and donating that money to help 70-80 families in the community of Laval during the holiday season. We prefer to give directly into the community than to a large organization where much of the donation goes to the cost of running the charity.

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